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Mental Health Resources in San Diego

At Refresh Recovery we believe in the power of aa meetings guides crisis lines networks foundations specific and right for you.

Directing your mental health treatment needs at the appropriate level of care and time, whether we can provide it or not, is one that we care about immensely. Because it takes a village, Refresh Recovery San Diego wants to remind you that the journey towards Recovery is unique and at times may not seem direct; however, the power of coming together and sharing resources is one that we are passionate about and emotional about. We thank all the healthcare providers, volunteers, and dedicated workers to mental health needs in San Diego and the United States for their passion and attention as we reduce the mental health treatment stigma and hopelessness, create awareness for solutions, and above all, change lives. Substance use disorders are part of the co-occurring nature of dual diagnosis and include resources for them. Because being resilient is not a determinant or need, here’s to all of us putting a grain of salt towards the foundation for care of those seeking it, and at the core, caring for the trauma we have as a society heals our bonds. Suppose you or a loved one are hurting or suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, dual diagnosis, addiction, and other disorders and cannot afford private or insurance-based treatment. In that case, community resources and state-funded programs are just for you. Read more on our privacy policy.

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AA Meetings San Diego
AA Meeting Schedule in San Diego
National Alliance on Mental Health
NAMI San Diego
National Alliance on Mental Health in San Diego
Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration
California Institute For Behavioral Health Solutions
San Diego Access and Crisis Line
Medical or No Insurance
211 San Diego
San Diego Community Organizations
HHSA San Diego
San Diego Health and Human Services Agency
Department of Social Services San Diego
Adult Services, Food and Nutrition & Cash Assistance
Covered California
Insurance programs and financial help in California
Family Health Centers of San Diego
Mental Health Systems
Mental Health Support Groups in San Diego
Calendar of Support Groups
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance San Diego
Community Health Improvement Partners
Meth Strike Force
Medical Mental Health Services
Children Youth and Family System of Care
Independent Living Association
Restart San Diego
Helping Disadvantaged Individuals
Housing and Community Development
LGBT Meetings San Diego
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Trans AA Meetings
National Council Mental Wellbeing
Mental Health Resources
Up to Us San Diego Community Mental Health Resources
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