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Refresh Recovery is an innovative approach to substance abuse and mental health treatment in San Diego, California.


At Refresh Recovery San Diego, we believe attending mental health parallel to drug and alcohol addiction is an art.

We developed a transformative evidence-based rehab model with the guidance and input of world-class mental health professionals and recovery leaders.

As unique as you, let Refresh Recovery Treatment San Diego provide a tailored rehabilitation program that attends to your psychological and physiological needs.

Our Rehab Programs

Refresh Recovery treatment centers are premier drug addiction and alcohol rehabilitation centers, which offer inpatient treatment and outpatient programs.

Addictions We Treat

Refresh Recovery tends to individuals who need help with a range of addictions: alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepine, Xanax or any form of prescription pills).

Evidence-Based Therapies

Refresh Recovery programs integrate evidence-based models to customize a rehabilitation program specifically to optimize long-term success for each patient.

State Licensed & Accredited

Refresh Recovery is an approved California State program for the treatment of dual diagnosis and drug and alcohol abuse.

Contact Us.

For availability, out of state coordination or insurance benefits, please fill out our form and call us on the number above.

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Customized Rehabilitation Programs

Refresh Recovery rehab in San Diego is a premier drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, offering inpatient treatment and outpatient programs, including dual diagnosis for mental health.

Refresh Recovery uses a variety of treatments that include holistic techniques, psychological therapies, and medical therapies to tend to individuals who need help with a range of addictions: alcohol, cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine, benzodiazepine, heroin, or any form of prescription pills such as Xanax or Vicodin).

Refresh Recovery rehab program was developed using methods that have been proven for long-term recovery.

We integrate evidence-based models to customize a rehabilitation program to optimize each patient’s long-term success. Our rehab in San Diego is an approved California State program for treating dual-diagnosis drugs and alcohol. Refresh Recovery treatment centers are one of the few Southern California rehabilitation centers that provide licensed services for treatment programs for substance abuse.


San Diego's Standard in Dual Diagnosis Rehab

In collaboration with board-certified psychiatrists, our San Diego, California rehabilitation center & treatment facility employs graduate-level counselors to focus on co-occurring mental health disorders that often are ingrained with the dual diagnosis of addiction.

These often include anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. 

After each session during the rehabilitation process, Refresh Recovery rehab staff checks in with active patients to ensure that the care provided is effective and personally successful.

We use client surveys and rigorous results research during treatment and after discharge of case management follow-up services. Each patient will be provided case management services for one year after release to provide additional sobriety. The Joint Commission Committee of Accredited Healthcare Organizations, Psychiatric Rehab, Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Recovery (IOP), and Outpatient Treatment accredit Refresh Recovery. Read more on Refresh Recovery‘s privacy policy or read our blog covering issues from bipolardepression to resilience. Refresh Recovery mental health and substance use treatment in San Diego may not cover all our societal needs. We want to share best practices and providers in the County on our community resources page.

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Merging Mental Health and Clinical Addiction Experts

At Refresh Recovery treatment centers in San Diego, we hire administrative and medical personnel to provide outstanding service standards while maintaining the highest level of safety and care in the system.

Each staff member of Refresh Recovery addiction and mental health treatment center works together as an interdisciplinary treatment team that focuses on each client’s specific needs, never using a sober living cookie-cutter approach. Refresh Recovery rehab in San Diego is proud to offer some of the finest SUD (substance use disorder) treatment practitioners, including:

  • internal and general medicine physicians and board-certified psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • marriage and family therapists
  • associate therapists
  • accredited addiction counselors
  • licensed massage therapists
  • art, music, mindfulness, and holistic integration to science-based and evidence approaches
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We don't like to brag. We let rehab clients, family members and local San Diego clinical professionals do it for us.

The staff are amazing and honestly care about their clients! They have some amazing groups and a trauma group that is unique and very helpful.

Faith A.Alumni

It’s been since 2018 of December and I’m still sober. This place has helped me so much and it’s like family always. I love you La Jolla recovery aka the staff and Danny.

Maria A.Alumni

They were always helpful in the process.

Danielle E.Alumni

So grateful for the caring staff at Refresh for not giving up on our son even when he seemed to. You truly saved his life. We’ve never seen him happier in sobriety one great day at a time in sunny San Diego.

Leslie P.Parent

Before coming to Refresh Recovery I had struggled with my disease for many years. I had attempted many times to go at it alone and work a program with little to no success. At Refresh Recovery, I found a place that embraced my struggle and showed me that there was a way out.

Samson U.Alumni

I was part of the original group that attended refresh when it opened and I have to say it was a life changing experience. I attended this place for bulimia, suicidal behavior, and anxiety. I have flourished since my graduation and believe the support I received during and especially treatment is the reason.

Blake L.Alumni

It has helped me in so many ways, especially with the individualized care and smaller group settings. I have had the most success here in my sobriety, and I owe it all to the outpatient staff.

Keith S.Alumni

This program is amazing hands down! The staff and counselors are phenomenal people who genuinely care about everyone who walks through the doors here in San Diego.

Wyatt R.Alumni

The complete devotion by the entire staff to the recovery of their clients is outstanding! The staff and counselors at Refresh rehab helped me lay the foundation to create an amazing sober life that I did not believe possible for myself. One of the most enjoyable times of my entire life.

Jenn F.Alumni

Need support in mental health and addiction treatment rehab with the right staff and program? Let us answer any questions on Refresh Recovery's rehabilitation services and availability.

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From Our Mental Health Blog

Contact Us.

For availability, out-of-state coordination, or insurance benefits, please fill out our form and call us at the number above the website.

We look forward to sharing our results and experience during these times.

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