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It is prevalent to hear that stress is a product of the twentieth century.

Intensive industrialization, the digital revolution, overpopulation, and rapid urbanization.

But what about the stress that our ancestors felt when they had to go out of their caves to hunt dangerous animals to eat?  Or when they had to endure the harshest climate conditions while they learned how to settle down and start growing their corps instead of roaming around to collect roots and plants to eat?

treatment for depression san diego family life at home young caucasian mother and baby sitting in bedroom infant lying in cocoon

treatment for depression San Diego family life at home young caucasian mother and babysitting in bedroom infant lying in a cocoon

I am not sure if digital stress is worse than farmers’ stress if such a thing (term) exists.

Maybe the fear of plagues that ruin the crops is worse than the stress at a corporate building or a meeting room.

All I know is that my mom used to take valium every time we stressed her out.  That because of us, she ended up going in and out of rehab…

And that I have the worst childhood memories in the small Midwest town where we grew up at.

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