San Diego

A place for recovery should be transformative, provide the right elements for a foundational change and prepare one for a new life. San Diego could not have been a better place for alcohol and drug treatment as well as its mental health flourishing properties.

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San Diego is a place that can influence well-being and autonomy.

This is described in an excellent recent article by Hans-Werner Wahl. Although his model focuses on aging, it can be applied to any phase of life. Living in the places we like, where we function well, and that offer social, physical, and mental stimulation can benefit our health and quality of life regardless of age. On the contrary, being exposed to poor environmental quality (poverty, physical deterioration, or risks to mobility), sources of stress (traffic noise or pollution), or experiencing ecological changes such as gentrification can hurt the way how we perceive a place, how we feel about it and the ability to use it. This, in turn, has consequences for health and behavior. If you or a loved one is suffering from mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma or drug, and alcohol addiction, Refresh Recovery rehab in San Diego can be a haven to flourish. Have a pet and need help to begin a journey towards a life free of alcohol and drugs? We are a pet-friendly rehab. Let us be your haven that understands your furry loved ones need to be there with you for the transformation.

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Here are 5 reasons why San Diego is ideal to live for your mental health:

  1. Weather is perfect. If San Diego weather were a flavor, it’d be vanilla because almost everyone finds it favorable, it’s fairly consistent year-round and from year to year, and there’s nothing really shocking about it. No blizzards, no hurricane-force winds, no monsoons, no polar vortexes.
  1. Access to education.  San Diego Promise provides unparalleled access to community college education by removing financial barriers and providing wrap around support. They are ensuring that no student is denied access to a high-quality education due to lack of resources.
  1. Public transportation
  1. Language is not a barrier. Being a 100% multicultural city, the language varies between English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic and many more that enrich the language of the entire population.
  1. Outdoor activities. San Diego is home to a year-round Mediterranean climate. This means you can enjoy team outings at the beach, on a boat, or in a backyard during any season. 
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San Diego makes it possible to thrive and elevate for the opportunity of change in this transforming existential phase of life of recovering from mental health disorders and alcohol or drug addiction.


Without a doubt, it is a city full of magic and that you will never finish exploring in its entirety. Its excellent climate, green areas, people, and the facades exiting an art gallery will be a supportive environment to addiction treatment and mental health as well as supportive in the transition to a society with the tools learned at Refresh Recovery rehab.

Begin your journey of alcohol and drug treatment in San Diego today,

Make the leap of life change towards positive mental health and substance use treatment in a home-like and inspiring space.