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What is addiction?

Is it a matter of quantity or a question of essence?

How come alcohol and tobacco and sugar are legal, but cocaine and heroin are not?

Is it true that we can develop an addiction to social media?

At the core of such questions lies deep psychological loopholes that sprout in our early childhoods.

longboarding in san diego rehab with mental health support

long boarding in san Diego rehab with mental health support

Modern society’s obsession with immediate and unlimited satisfaction is also to blame.

Hedonism is as old as the Greeks who coined the term, but the wide array and availability of distractions and pleasure givers are definitely a product of the 21st century.

When you come to Refresh Treatment, we will challenge you to question your angst and the triggers of your endless pursue of pleasure quenchers.  And find out what is behind of this crazy rush for more and more…of whatever you have been hooked on.