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Personality Disorder

If we were to describe someone’s personality, you might say they are energetic, or easy-going but coy in groups. We would be summarizing the personal traits that make them who the person they are.

Sometimes these thought patterns or behaviors which make up a person’s personality can actually harm and interfere with the day-to-day functioning in their work, social or/and personal life. If such were the case, we would say that person has a personality disorder.

At Refresh Recovery, we use general criteria to diagnose a personality disorder.

woman looking through window on the train meth detox sd ca

woman looking through window on the train meth detox sd ca

The first general criteria is the presence of a constant pattern of inner experience and behavior which deviates substantially from the cultural norm, manifested in 2 or more of the following four areas: cognition – like, for example, deviations in the ways individuals perceive events, themselves and others; affectivity such as changes in the intensity, range and appropriateness of emotional responses; interpersonal functioning; and the control of impulses.

Second, this pattern is inflexible and present in most personal and social situations, including college, work and romantic relationships.

Finally, the pattern has to be stable, long term, and starting either on teenage or early adult life.

These behaviors should not be attributable to drugs, alcoholic drinks or some other medical condition.

The DSM-5 lists 10 personality disorders, including schizoid, schizotypal and paranoid personality disorders.

Refresh Recovery’s clinicians have the skills and background to treat all of them.