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Resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges of all kinds: trauma, tragedy, personal crises, life problems; and bounce back stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful.

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Providing and receiving affection, creating support networks, strengthening ties with others, and identifying what elements help us overcome problems and adverse situations make us resilient people.

Resilience is the emotional, cognitive, and sociocultural ability to recognize, confront, and constructively transform situations that cause harm or suffering or threaten personal development.  

Building resilience has been proposed to provide affection and support since developing the ability to relate is essential to have closer ties with others.

Resilience is characterized by being reflective, independent, and maintaining a certain emotional distance from problems. They also have the initiative to undertake projects or get involved in new activities.

Humor is another important aspect because the comic part in the face of a tragedy or adversity in some way diminishes the weight of the problems, the university said.

The creative ability to find alternatives also plays an important role; In addition, self-esteem is essential, “we must be able to value ourselves and feel that we deserve to be well, even in difficult situations, that is, feel safe to face adversity, recognizing ourselves in the right to be well.”

In the same way, it is necessary to have self-knowledge, “to know who you are, with what accounts to build effective networks, to be listened to and to listen comprehensively. Faced with adverse circumstances, we need to respect differences because someone who does not think the same can bring us aspects that we cannot glimpse.

Including learning how to live a simpler life will also contribute to your self-knowledge. The less you look for happiness by consuming and having, the more at peace you will be.

Resilience can develop at any age and varies from person to person. It is never absolute, and it is different according to each stage of life. For example, a child and adults see the same problem differently, and their thoughts and support networks are not the same. However, it could be affirmed that the abilities and capacities of each person are linked to the development of each person. We could write a whole other article just on the social pressures on women and their impact on resilience.

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stop smoking nominated addiction dual diagnosis tobacco woman white shirt bipolar stress anxiety treatment sd

So, to build resilience, it is advisable to try to identify how we react to certain circumstances and what has helped us come out positively, recognizing the right attitudes and behaviors, learning from the past to live well here and now.

By Valerie T.


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