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Is Trapping a Partner with Pregnancy a Sign of codependency?

To answer this question, it is essential to point out that a man may trap his female partner. 

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Codependency may be common when there arent established boundaries. What happens when someone intentionally gets someone pregnant with out it being acknowledged by both parties?

I also want to look at the signs and symptoms of codependency and dig a little to grasp the basic information about this mental health disorder. It is disproportionally putting your energy for your partner’s benefit and disregarding yourself. The more you center your attention on providing the help you think others need, the more they may begin to depend on you. Eventually, it will be challenging for you to break free.

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What if someone thinks its ok to get someone pregnant to have them closer or connected? What does this mean?

Some Signs of Codependency may include:

Codependency often leads to distancing yourself from your necessities and wishes. It endorses a destructive relationship and affects self-esteem and general quality of life. Today, experts widely accept that codependency is complex and may be present in numerous circumstances and may or may not involve alcohol or drug use.

Some common traits of codependency  are:

  • a desperate necessity for liking by others
  • self-esteem changes because of what other people think about you
  • unhealthy worries about a partner’s ways of conduct
  • a habit of apologizing or assuming responsibility only to maintain harmony
  • Taking on more responsibilities than you can humanly can, both to get recognition or lessen a partner’s workload
  • Repetitive conduct of avoiding conflict at any cost
  • Participating in activities you don’t like, only to try and make your partner happy
  • romanticizing partners to maintain an empty relationship 
  • Whenever you do something for yourself, you are taken over by feelings of fear, guilt or anxiety
  • Unbearable dread of abandonment and rejection
codependent breaking up adult divorce relationship girl love sad young boyfriend break up separation is it codependent trap by pregnancy

Is it codependent to want to keep someone connected to you by pregnancy?

So, we have a comprehensive view of what it is to be codependent, and I ask you if a codependent person would get pregnant to try and trap their partner in the relationship. 

What do you think? I would say yes, this can happen and as a matter of fact this happened to me. I was trapped in a codependent relationship with my partner, and it was both of us, not just her. We were together for about a year and half; we each went out of our ways to make the other happy abandoning ourselves in the process and affecting each of our mental health. After so many months of this, I started to notice lies and several intents of getting pregnant by my partner. I ignored them and one day I got her pregnant and she told me exactly that it was to capture me and keep me close by entrapping me with her pregnancy. In the end she decided not to have my child, it hurt but it was not my decision as it was not happening inside my body.

By Terry V.

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