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We are past Covid, Right? When Will It End?

Things are moving on, and most should feel great about this, correct? Actually, no.

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covid numbers have dropped, but the symptoms of the isolation and stress such as mental health disorders are exponential.

There is an emotional wake that has happened from the intensified isolation, mental health exacerbation, and already existing substance use disorder that was affecting the nation significantly. Although we are now able to move around, Covid has not ended.

Thankfully there were vaccinations and boosters which proved to show the impact of the virus is reduced, and for some reason, the noise, the fear, and the chaos are not as ever abundant. Statistically, substance use disorders and mental health problems have risen, and the consequences are now more apparent than ever. You’d think that people are feeling better and that things should move on as before. Although there were statistics from the national library of medicine indicating it could end in 2022, we are still seeing variants in the United States. What we don’t see apparently is its impact, which is currently detrimental and not a topic of concern.

when will covid 19 end concept of covid 19 treatment and prevention

coid has not only impacted our nation from a physical standpoint, but also psychological. We are still dealing with the breakdown of our minds as well as addiction used to mask the symptoms many experienced.

Suppose you or someone you know is affected by a continuous sense of dissatisfaction, tension, or significant impact on your overall wellbeing that it has affected your day-to-day activities such as work or relationships. In that case, tension, stress, anxiety, depression, drinking a little bit out of the normal, a loss of connection or establishing relationships, or simply not feeling like your everyday activities are satisfactory might be an excellent time to reach out to a behavioral health professional.

teen getting vaccinated against covid nurse apply when will covid end

covid has not ended, but we can do a-lot to reduce it, not overwhelm hospitals and more importantly, support the emotional impact of the stressors during the epidemic.

The stigma of asking for help when it comes to our mental health or behaviors is still very real, but thankfully we can now talk about what it is to feel unsuitable or not there at 100%. If you or someone you know has been affected by mental health disorders or addiction and believe an external mental health professional can help, we are here to guide you in your journey towards healing.

By Quincy P.

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